Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Resume Basics - Style Choices

To get a good job after college you need to get your resume read, not tossed. It also has to look professional, and a dash of class helps too. Here are some tips to help your resume "Dress for Success."
  • Condense lines as much as possible and put as much stuff on one line as possible without them being crammed together.
    -For example: address, phone number and e-mail address can all go on one line. You can use dots to help separate information as needed (1234 Wee Sing Lane Any City, USA, 817.777.7575.
  • Use lines to separate your name and contact info from the rest of the resume.
    -This helps your resume look like it’s been printed on professional stationery/letterhead.
  • Consider using a font other than Times New Roman. But again, nothing too fancy.
    -Stick to something that is similar to Times New Roman but maybe with more typographic subtleties that can help your resume stand out just a tad bit more. Try Georgia.
More tips, and links to more resume writing ideas are at: Resume Basics - Style Choices |
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