Monday, March 23, 2009

Pikes at UT Martin Attack Citizen with Paddles

3 Pikes arrested, charged with aggravated assault with frat paddles

Three members of Pi Kappa Alpha were arrested Saturday morning, March 21, on charges of aggravated assault after allegedly attacking a Union City man with their fraternity paddles, according to a police report.

According to the report, Drake Gingery, Kyle Sanders and Derek Johnson went to Gingery's girlfriend's house to 'beat up' her brother, a minor, but were met by Ben Wilkes, a Union City local. Wilkes told officers that when the Pikes arrived he told them to leave and that her brother was a minor, but Johnson hit him in the head with a fraternity paddle. Gingery and Johnson then allegedly hit Wilkes in the head several times while Sanders watched. The three then left with Wilkes laying in the driveway, according to the report.

The three were later apprehended by Martin Police and transferred to custody of the Union City Police Department, Johnson then obtained treatment for injuries he allegedly received during the altercation at Baptist Memorial.

Union City radio stations KF99/KQ105 reported that Johnson told an officer that his father advised him not to give a statement. Johnson did say, however, that he was the first to get hit. Johnson also denied the use of weapons.
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