Tuesday, February 24, 2009

High Class Problems

Yesterday the LinkedIn group that we administer, "Sigma Phi Epsilon," reached 3000 members. (No, that is not the problem.) We have been scanning other Greek-oriented groups and as of yesterday we are the largest one on LinkedIn. That is not the problem either.

What we didn't know is that LinkedIn has a default limit of 3000 members for a group. THAT was the problem.

Eric, the official owner of the group, got an e-mail from a person who wanted to join but had been stopped "because the group is full." That prompted an exchange of e-mail with the LI customer support team that a) verified the default limit, and b) extended our group limit to 5000. The bottom line is the group is back open for business and anyone who was rebuffed yesterday should try again. Requests are approved by an administrator (me), so we can verify an association with SigEp (non-member spammers are not welcome!). We check the queue often so you should not have to wait long to get approved.

Yep, running out of room because you are the most popular fraternity group on LinkedIn - now THAT is a high class problem! Thanks to all the SigEps on LinkedIn who have found another way to keep in touch and make connections. If there was ever a time for hard-core networking this would be it.
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