Friday, January 23, 2009

Sigma Phi Epsilon on Facebook - Officially

SigEp HQ has built an "official" Facebook page. It looks pretty good for a new page, and even has a link to the "Conclave 2009" event.

SigEp has always had a number of Facebook pages set up by members who want to build communities, but this is the first that the page has been officially sponsored by the folks in Richmond.

I think this is a fantastic indication that HQ is finally recognizing the potential of social networks, virtual communities, web 2.0, or whatever the current buzzword is for using the interweb as a way to increase communication. Be sure to sign up as a "fan", then head to the Conclave page and let them know you will be there. Be sure to write on the 'wall' and let them know how you found them (hint- that would be here!).
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