Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Posting Comments - an upgrade

One of the best parts of editing the blog is seeing the comments that readers make on the posts. Some posts that we think will start a civil war get no comments at all, while others that would seem to be low impact become platforms for those with strongly held views to argue back and forth.

We have used a third party service to host comments because when we started the Blogger versions were not very flexible or user friendly. That third party - Haloscan - has been acquired by JS_Kit, and they are in the process of transitioning to an even better commenting experience.

We have just finished upgrading the S&P account so you will see a different look and feel for the comments. Starting today (now), any new comments will have additional features available: rich text, You-tube embedding, picture uploads, and lots more. We also will be able to turn on authentication and moderation, should the need arise.

Since the capabilities are new, you may see some tweaks and changes in the look and behavior of comments as we get used to the administration features. Overall I believe this will result in a better web site and more useful interaction for all our loyal readers.

Go ahead - try it out by leaving a comment now. (You know you want to!)
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