Monday, January 19, 2009

How is the Resume Looking? Use SigEp and work experience.

Brother Chuck Eberly (OGH) has passed this along:
Dear Brothers,

I know you are in college and for many of you graduation seems like it is some distance away. The challenge is that getting a job AFTER graduation depends directly on what you do now to "stand out from the crowd" and make yourself the most likely job candidate.

What employers are looking for these days are people who show personal initiative, organizational leadership, and yes, solid GPAs. What student organizations do you belong to? Are you an officer? What jobs are you working at the same time you are a student? Are you keeping your student loans as low as possible? What work are you doing during the summer? Do you have a summer internship in the field of your major? What is your GPA? For most companies, men with anything below a 3.0 is just not even considered for employment. What can you do NOW to plan ahead?

Each person has different, individual, specific issues that support him to achieve. Let me support your efforts. Ask me and I will do my best.

Grads Face 'One of the Worst Job Environments in Years'
It wasn't long ago that universities were busy juggling visits from corporate recruiters and coaching students on how to weigh competing job offers. But in today's rough economy, schools are reporting fewer recruiter visits and openings, and less negotiating room.
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