Friday, January 09, 2009

Blog Rolls - another damn housekeeping post.

We have received several requests lately to update or add chapter sites to the list we have in the sidebar. Normally we try to make the changes ASAP, but the host service has had some issues lately. The people have explained what is going on with them in their own blog. The short version is they got hacked and are having to re write the entire application. They have suspended editing of the rolls until they are done.

It is important to have a good list of SigEp chapter sites in an easy-access format, but we also need to be able to do the whole "add, change, delete" thing too. When (if) the blogrolling application comes back we'll have a backlog of updates. In the meanwhile we will be looking at other options to provide the list in a usable(i.e. editable) form.

Thanks for your patience.
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