Friday, December 05, 2008

SigEp - way to "go"

Sig Ep Urinal
Originally uploaded by chadpsk.

You really can find anything on the internet. This urinal showed up on on of the filters I have set to crawl around and look for SigEp uh, "Stuff" (Yeah, stuff. That's what I meant. Stuff)

I am of two minds about it. a) It is always good to see the letters displayed. b) But THERE??? There was no indication where it resides, but I rather hope it is not in a SigEp house. What would that say about how the chapter felt about the fraternity in general? Not that we all haven't had our moments, but this really is a bit much.

On the other hand, if this monstrosity is in a TKE or SAE house then we need to storm the barricades and torch the place. How Dare They?! "Remember the Toilet Bowl!" will be our battle cry.

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