Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brothers come together to help end homelessness across the globe

We met Donald through the LinkedIn Sigma Phi Epsilon Group. The work he is doing is inspiring, to say the least, so we asked him to send us some information to post on the blog. Be sure to visit his web site at 

Donald-SamanthaFamilyWinchester, Virginia, December 16, 2008: In 2004, a tsunami ravaged South East Asia leaving little hope and many without shelter. A fellow SigEp, Donald Stevens, was motivated into action to help rebuild and provide relief to those affected by the storm. After spending time serving the citizens of Sri Lanka, Donald founded Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes (REACH), an organization that brings environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings to children affected by natural disaster, poverty, and war around the world.

This mission has ignited and spread among many through various projects and networking tools such as and Facebook. Among those around the world drawn to the work of Donald and REACH, were two fellow SigEps, Christopher Ellis (Virginia Iota) and Deryck Boulanger (New Hampshire Gamma). Both found Donald through the professional networking site, and were brought on board as action advisors to help REACH accomplish its mission of aiding those in need.

Banding together and reestablishing your connection with the fraternity has never been easier. Through the internet, brothers have been able to reach across borders and strengthen the brotherly love that holds this fraternity together. These SigEps have proven that with every graduating generation, this fraternity has succeeded in their mission of “building balanced leaders for the world’s communities.”

137_3779-smlLiving the life of a balanced man doesn’t stop at graduation. The lessons taught in undergrad propel you into being successful in balancing work, life, health, family, and much more. The ancient wisdom that guides the ideas and values of SigEp can be seen in use by its members serving their communities and the world. These ideas of existing to contribute to making the world a better place, and being a part of something greater than ourselves, can also be found in the building blocks of REACH.

Helping Donald see his vision become reality is a huge motivating factor for both Chris and Deryck. Both played prominent roles in their respective houses, but have had difficulty finding the kind of fulfillment that comes from serving others. With what Donald, and REACH have accomplished already it is no wonder why so many are drawn to aid in their efforts. With the help of more SigEps, REACH could grow to new levels, providing more and more children around the world with the opportunity to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

About: REACH is a Virginia based non-profit, charitable organization filing for 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exemption status with the IRS under application EIN# 33-1211165.

Please visit and find out how you can work with fellow SigEps and others to help build chances for children around the world.

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