Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Blogging Milestone

I looked at the hit counter today and saw it is sitting on 199,913 (at 9:37 am CST). Based on our usual activity that means we will break over 200,000 today. I think that is a nice round number for a blog with purposely limited scope. And since I can, I want to share a few thoughts on reaching this milestone (although at times it has felt like a "millstone").

We started this effort a little over 4 years ago with two guys and an attitude that there was a need for more comprehensive and immediate information about SigEp in particular and the college Greek experience in general. We also felt that, like the Roman emperors, our leadership needed to hear that they, too are mortal and fallible. Though they might be loathe to admit it, we are read every day by the folks at HQ. today we get email from volunteers (and even some staff) on a regular basis with information, "scoops", and suggestions for topics. Chapters will often send us a link to a favorable notice in a campus paper. We keep our eyes open for the news items where chapters and members are not living up to their obligations, because as much as we wish it were not so, acknowledgment of our failures is also part of what it means to be in a fraternity.

Along the way we have been joined by others who found our concept appealing and now have a small cadre who, while not all active posters, are most important in making sure we keep to our purpose. You can see who some of them are in the list of contributors; others have never posted but contribute information and wisdom from long years of service to the fraternity. The team includes Chapter Counselors, District Governors, AVC members and leaders, and at least 3 holders of the OGH, so there is a fair amount of experience behind the frivolity.

So much for where we have been. We intend to keep on providing an alternate view of this Fraternity which we support wholeheartedly, even if we do not always agree with its direction. Lately the "comments" under each post have been more active as people realize they can actually contribute to the conversation. Great! Let's do more of it!

I invite our readers to use this post to let us know what you think. You are not required to use your real name, although I have noticed that the most cogent commenters usually do. As always, we expect criticism as well as kudos, so have at it!

Let's see how quickly we get to 400,000!
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