Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SigEp LinkedIn group reaches 2000 members

imageThe social networking site LinkedIn is aimed at working professional people - I like to call it "Facebook for grownups."  Like many other networking sites they offer a group function. Members can create and join groups that reflect their interests, professions, or passions. My professional profile has been growing new groups since I signed up a few years ago. A little over a year ago Eric Chan (PA Theta - Carnegie Mellon University) created a Sigma Phi Epsilon group on LinkedIn and started sending invitations to his contacts. We at S&P saw an opportunity to help professional SigEps connect with each other and helped to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

We put a link on the sidebar and have written about the progress of the group a few times. The response has been incredible. Lately we have been routinely getting 10-15 member requests a day. Today we hit another milestone - 2000 members. If you have set up on LinkedIn and have not found the group yet, come on over and join up. If you are not "Linked" now is a good time to start, and SigEp can be your first group. You will recognize other members when you see our letters in the "Groups we Share" section. Oh, and be sure to add your chapter as a comment in the "Chapter Roll Call" discussion topic.

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