Saturday, November 22, 2008

Half Miami Fraternities Go Dry

More Than Half Of Miami Frats Decide To Dump Beer
Banning Booze Would Allow Sophs To Stay Off-Campus

OXFORD, Ohio -- There will be a little less partying next year in Oxford, where more than a dozen Miami University fraternities have decided to ban alcohol inside their houses.

“There's going to be no alcohol in common areas, no parties or anything like that,” said Nick Nolting, president of Phi Kappa Psi.

Sixteen of the university’s 26 fraternities have pledged to go dry or damp, which would permit alcohol only inside private bedrooms.

By doing so, the chapters would be exempt from a new rule that requires second-year students to live on campus.

“We need sophomores to live in the house,” Nolting said. “That's where a lot of our revenue comes from.”

Those who’ll live next year in the house said the ban would take some fun out of college life and could diminish the appeal of fraternities.

“It'll change Greek life a lot,” said sophomore Clayton Costello, of Phi Kappa Psi. “I think it'll be harder to get kids to come to fraternities now at Miami.”

The Pikes decided to keep alcohol in their house, but sophomores like Costello and Coin Pulte would have to live on campus instead of the fraternity house.

“People want to go and be able to party at the house, because the house is the central part of a Greek organization,” Pulte said.

At least one fraternity has already dumped beer, and its members said they don’t regret their decision.

“People love coming to our house, having a good time,” said Hunter Felknor, of Phi Delta Theta. “We keep it neat. It's classy in here.”

The Phi Delts rejected the notion that fraternities would hold less appeal if they banned beer, because their dry chapter has gained 89 members in two years and rank among the top in grade point average.

“As a whole, we represent the Greek life pretty well, and I think that's an attribute to our dry house,” said Nick Meeker, of Phi Delta Theta.
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