Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Steve Dorsey from American University sent this in:
Several of our chapter brothers here at D.C. Delta-American University conducted a months-long poll on the potential affect of youth voters in the 2008 presidential campaign. The poll and analysis were just posted to this evening.
Thanks, Steve. The link goes to a long list of short items and "our" piece is pretty far down the page, so we have copied it here.

Our disclaimer: S&P is not taking sides in the election, We are trying to showcase work by and about SigEps in many contexts.
Analysis: 20-point gap between Obama & McCain among young voters

New_warning Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama holds a 58%-38% lead over Republican John McCain among voters ages 18 to 29, according to research done by students from American University's School of Communication in conjunction with USA TODAY and Gallup.

Obama's lead among young voters has narrowed since mid-September, when it stood at 29 percentage points, but he retains a "clear advantage," adds the AU Polling Analysis of Young Voters in the 2008 Election. (AU's summary of its findings is here.)

The latest numbers are based on an Oct. 13-19 USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 598 people in the age group. The results have a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points.

Other details from the AU analysis:

• Young voters say "dealing with the economic crisis" is the most important issue facing the nation -- 91% said that is "extremely" or "very" important. Close behind were "creating jobs" (82%) and "making health care more available and affordable" (81%).

• Obama came out ahead of McCain as being better able to handle those and other important issues. Two-thirds of the group said he would do a more effective job handling the economy, health care and the environment.
On Politics - Breaking News, Election 2008 & Presidential Candidates
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