Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Northwestern Dancefloor Disaster

Oh no she did-n't...?
College On the Record has this account of the "Prep Party" at Northwestern.
Both parties had their fair share of beer, body heat and bad R&B, but Sig Ep takes the cake for controversy. The prep party got broken up around 1 a.m. but at least the stage didn't collapse this time. Although reports are coming in of another type of instability happening on the dancefloor...

It's a tale as old as time: the freshman blonde from Bobb trying to impress the senior frat brother by... going down on him? In the middle of the dancefloor?? Surrounded by the sweaty, drunken underage crowds???
There is more, including a rumor of video (sadly, not provided). It defies further comment.

Northwestern OTR: Dancefloor Disaster at the Northwestern Sig Ep Prep Party
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