Monday, October 20, 2008

Dartmouth’s SigEp Adds 29 Sophomores and Juniors

Carey Heckman sent this information about the new members at Dartmouth (NH Alpha)
New members hail from a variety of backgrounds with diverse interests
Hanover, N.H., October 17, 2008 — The New Hampshire Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon
welcomed 29 new members into the fraternity after a competitive rush process. Of the 94 students who rushed, 29 were offered bids, and 29 accepted—an astounding yield rate of 100 percent. The fraternity remains Dartmouth’s largest and among its most diverse.

“I am extremely excited about our newest members,” said Rembert Browne ’09, recruitment co- chair for New Hampshire Alpha. “I know their wide range of interests in athletics, academics, and campus organizations will help New Hampshire Alpha successfully carry out SigEp’s mission and traditions.”

The following men joined the chapter:
  • Chris Alexander ’11 (Texas),
  • Jonathan Anker ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Isaiah Berg ’11 (N.D.),
  • Kyle Betts ’10 (Conn.),
  • Matthew Cable ’11 (Mass.),
  • James Cart ’10 (N.Y.),
  • Tyler Ford ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Stewart Gray ’11 (Tenn.),
  • Chris Han ’11 (Wis.),
  • Drew Joseph ’11 (Calif.),
  • Patrick Kennedy ’11 (Minn.),
  • Will Levine ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Sam McIntire ’11 (N.H.),
  • Nolan McKusick ’10 (Maine),
  • Bill Mergner ’11 (N.J.),
  • Kyle Nicholas ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Kelly O’Brien ’11 (N.J.),
  • Lars Osterberg ’11 (N.H.),
  • Kyung Ho Paik ’11 (Korea/Md.),
  • Nathan Potter ’11 (N.H.),
  • Travis Price ’11 (Pa.),
  • Andrew Purpura ’11 (Maine),
  • Chase Raines ’11 (Va.),
  • Alex Reeder ’11 (Ore.),
  • Sam Snow ’11 (Ohio),
  • Alex Taylor ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Dan Van Deusen ’11 (N.Y.),
  • Pen Vineyard ’11 (Texas), and
  • Roger Zhu ’11 (Australia).
Unlike other fraternities, SigEp enforces a strict no-hazing policy and does not have “pledges”; each new member enjoys full membership as soon as he joins SigEp. The 26 sophomores and 3 juniors represent 17 different states, Korea, and Australia, and a breadth of campus organizations. The new class includes campus leaders from vocal, instrumental, and theatrical performance groups, campus publications, varsity and club sports teams, multi-cultural organizations, and student government.

“I was overwhelmed throughout the rush process by the enthusiasm and desire of all the men we have chosen to be a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon,” said Dan Moore ’10, New Hampshire Alpha’s other recruitment co-chair. “To offer 29 bids and have every one of them accepted clearly indicates the passion that they have and will continue to have for our Fraternity.”

Chartered in 1909, New Hampshire Alpha is a society of leaders that was the first to implement successfully the Balanced Man Program, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s award-winning leadership development program, and has won many awards for its community service, academic achievement, and overall excellence. Founded in 1901, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the nation’s largest fraternity. Its mission is to develop balanced leaders for the world’s communities.
This is also a pretty good model for a news release.
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