Monday, September 08, 2008

UT Martin Sig Eps Award $1500 in Scholarships

SigEp awards Balanced Man Scholarship
Stephanie Moody

Sigma Phi Epsilon announced the winners of their Balanced Man Scholarship last Wednesday.The scholarship was awarded to freshmen John Wheatly, Nicholas Haberman and Michael Gray.

"I found out through the fraternity and it's nice to receive it." Haberman said. "It's good to meet guys in SigEp and get involved more."

Wheatly said he applied for the scholarship "in order to help pay for school.""I found out about the scholarship through a friend and was very glad to receive," said Gray. His advice to future applicants: "be sure to do well on academics and athletics."

The fraternity awards $1500 in scholarships to incoming freshmen each fall. Winners of these scholarships exhibit leadership skills and excel academically. Over 40 applications were received for the scholarship.

"We know that college experience is an expensive one and we would like to help out those who exemplify what our fraternity holds dear: striving to be the Balanced Man," said Corey Perry, Sigma Phi Epsilon president. "We hope that winners may find themselves a place within SigEp. Through this whole process we have forged relationships with the winners and hopefully they will become closer friends and want to be apart of our brotherhood."

The Balanced Man Scholarship has been awarded across the nation since 1990. The Tennessee Kappa chapter has awarded the scholarship since 1995. The ideal of the scholarship came from the Ancient Greek beliefs in developing a sound mind and sound body to live a positive life. Over 150 chapters throughout the nation award the scholarship annually, though different chapters award different amounts.

Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901 and is currently the largest national fraternity with over 14,000 undergraduate members on over 260 campuses, according to their Web site.___On the
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