Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TX Delta Chapter Counselor Checks in

This report from TX Delta(Univ. of Houston) CC Don Heard to Bill McCausland(DG) is a few days late in posting, but then we have been "otherwise engaged." It is still timely though and has good information.

Mark --

The Brothers of Texas Delta are fine, all of the Brothers spent the hurricane with their families or with other Brothers and their families during the storm. The chapter home has no damage in reports from one University staff member. The Greater Houston area (16 counties) , 95% of it is still without power as of Sunday morning. Major transmission lines from the ERCOT grid from the power plants are down. We are hoping to have power back in the next few days, but that is a day by day matter.

Some Brothers parents homes have sustained damage. Our AVC Treasurers parents home in Seabrook, Texas had two feet of water. The water is going down. There is a curfew from 9 PM until 6 AM until next Saturday. Once power is restored, the service stations will open... that will be a huge step back to normalcy.

I have been in regular communication with the chapter leadership. Recruitment will take a major hit since the economic impact of this to a huge portion of SE Texas. The University was not flooded like it was in TS Allison in 2001 that closed the University for months ala Katrina to our Brothers to the east.

Brothers wishing to donate should donate to the American Red Cross for Hurricane disaster relief. Our scholarship needs will be substantial based on the people that may be without work (STUDENTS). Donations may be directed to the Texas Delta "Chapter Fund" in the SigEp Educational Foundation.

We know we will be providing scholarships to our students that need some financial assistance. The University has pledged to work with students who have financial aid, but that is so limited.

The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon did so much to help out our neigbhors in New Orleans after their devastation in 2005. If you can make a donation to the Red Cross or the Edcational Foundation... you will be helping.

Our Brothers in Beaumont may have damage also. They had received substantial damage from HURR RITA in 2005 that followed shortly on the heals of HURR KATRINA. I have tried to reach Brother Lamar Roach without success. I hope he and our Brothers at Lamar University are safe and well.

Great news sources about the recovery operations can be seen on:

Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Keep tuned to the Red and Purple Blog for updates locally through our on the spot blogger, Brother Bryce Giesler of TN Alpha once his power is restored. Funny thing he works for the power provider for most of the Houston area. I bet he is working in the field with the other thousands of employees. Reliant and Texas New Mexico employees go to the field when an incident like this happens... accounting, finance, etc are out in the field do things to provide support to the crews in the field. They also work at night for long shifts trying to get our power back on. They are indeed angels as was described by one Houston resident on the web broadcast.

In Phi,
Don Heard, Houston 93
Chapter Counselor, Texas Delta RLC

Actually Don, You really do not want me working in the field. The entire Gulf Coast could be blacked out if that were to happen!
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