Tuesday, September 09, 2008

T.S. Hanna - priorities, priorities

Students at Duke took the threat of TS Hanna as an opportunity for 'social interaction.' They apparently don't have the same respect for Mother Nature as our brothers at Tulane, Loyola, and Lamar.
"But in Durham, T.S. Hanna did not seem to deter students from going out over the weekend. Students left the safety of their dorms en masse for parties thrown by fraternities Delta Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon along with selective living group Maxwell House held on West Campus Friday night.

'I think the brunt of the storm arrived late enough that it did not affect attendance,' said Maxwell House President Owen Gehrett, a senior. '[It was fortunate because] people on the fence could come [to our party].'

But as the storm picked up, residence coordinators called the gatherings to a close to ensure that party-goers from Central and East Campuses returned to their dormitories safely.

By Saturday afternoon, the sky was clear and typical game-day festivities resumed on campus. Kickoff for the football game against Northwestern University went on as scheduled, as did Tailgate."
Hey, as long as you can make it to the tailgate party, how bad could it be?

Hanna's local effect less than anticipated - News:
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