Thursday, September 04, 2008

HQ announcement about Zollinger House

By the most unusual coincidence, this announcement came from SigEp headquarters today. We are glad to see that the NBD is acting responsibly to look out for the best interests of the Fraternity.

Lets hope that our next HQ facility will serve us as well and iconicly as the current one has.

As announced at the Conclave in Atlanta, the National Board of Directors continues to search for a new building suitable to house the nation’s greatest fraternity headquarters in Richmond. The present Zollinger House building has served as Headquarters for 20 years, the longest SigEp has been housed in any location.

Given current market conditions, the board believes this could be a favorable time to make a move, but is wisely wary of making a purchase without first selling the present Zollinger House building. We have asked a local commercial real estate broker to provide a proposal to sell the building, but no decision will be made unless the board approves a pricing and marketing plan.

The Board has committed to acquiring a headquarters facility that undergraduates and alumni will be proud of, with adequate space for current and future staffing and functional needs as defined by strategic plans currently being developed. Space is planned to accommodate greatly expanded and improved historical displays that the current facility does not provide.

SigEp|All men by nature desire knowledge—Aristotle

Craig D. Templeton, Executive Director
310 S. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220

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