Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello? Is anyone home?

A disconnected brother sent this message to several of his friends. We got it by the usual "over the transom" method.
SO you call 1-800-353-1901 and don't know who you want to talk to or you go to voice mail and your question could be answered by someone else on staff. In the past you would dial 1 for the receptionist and ask who ever picked up (if it wasn't Douglas) "Is anyone in the building today?

I need to talk to someone about ..."

Try this today and you get a generic answering service who doesn't know (or care who you are) and only flips your call to someone... if they are there, lucky you. If they aren't there you go to voice mail.

Great customer service! Thanks Craig! Save a few more bucks that he can hire another person from Richmond to build the empire... hmmm maybe he needs a VCU sorority woman to be Director of Malcontents.
Normally we would have let this pass, but we had the exact same experience last week when trying to find out if HQ was aware of the hurricane that passed over Lamar and U of Houston. Our power and internet were out so we did not know who to try to reach by telephone. It was voice mail hell, then some answering service that had no idea what a "Director of Chapter Services" is. We were finally contacted (the next day) by Gary Huff, who had apparently been pressed into "storm duty." He was able to assure us that HQ was indeed aware and informed, and the members accounted for.

In the last year or so we have seen the departure of long-time employees such as "Debit" Wester, Douglass McRaney, and this past Friday it was Barbara Shanahan. In their place are lots of new faces with fancy titles. But where is the service? Total staffing at HQ has grown much faster than the undergraduate manpower. Have the chapters experienced a comparable growth in services?
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