Friday, August 15, 2008

Undergrad NBD members request feedback

The undergraduate members of the National Board of directors are asking for feedback from chapter officers. They say they want to increase interaction between the members and the board. Great idea. We are all for it.

But..., Um..., er..., how come it took an entire year for them to figure out how to send an "eBlast"? We're just saying...

*Sigma Phi Epsilon eBlast*
TO: Undergraduate Chapter Officers
Steven R. Dorsey, Student Director, American, '09
Michael J. Schlotterbeck, Student Director, Wichita State, '08
Jace A. Thompson, Student Director, Texas Christian, '08

As the countdown to Conclave 2009 begins, we are reaching out to our undergraduate chapter leaders to help us, your Student Directors on Sigma Phi Epsilon's National Board of Directors, find new ways of better serving you.

If you are not already familiar with our roles, at the 2007 Conclave in Atlanta, Georgia, we were elected by the Grand Chapter to serve a two-year term on the National Board of Directors. As the three voting undergraduate members, we represent more than 14,000 undergraduate brothers and work with the Grand President, Grand Treasurer, and alumni National Directors in governing the national Fraternity until the Grand Chapter convenes again for Conclave 2009 in Orlando, Florida.

We have been working hard during this past year, and now we would like your input into how we can better represent you to the national Fraternity-we are your direct representation and influence in guiding SigEp's Headquarters staff, national operations, budget, Leadership Continuum, and many other aspects of the national Fraternity. We would like to hear about your chapter's successes and struggles, where you would like to see Sigma Phi Epsilon headed, and what you think could be improved upon.

We are also starting work on a strategic plan to guide SigEp over the next five to 10 years. We will be looking for ways to strengthen SigEp nationally and on your campus, and build upon our strengths. Your input and feedback will be sought for this process in the following weeks and months.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is an undergraduate-driven Fraternity, and, therefore, we always welcome your feedback. We are working to increase publicity of your chapter's accomplishments in the Journal and on the SigEp web site. You can also expect regular messages from us throughout the year regarding national Fraternity updates, details on Conclave legislation submissions, and strategic plan announcements.

Please "reply" to this email with ideas for us to work on for you and your chapter.
Yes, the link will open an email to the proper HQ address.

Here's a suggestion - start a blog to communicate the ideas as well as using email. S&P would welcome the company.
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