Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Orleans - Here we go again?

We have "pegged" this post so it stays at the top of the postings for the next several days. Please use the comments to add messages of support, updates from the path, cries for -or offers of- help for your self or your chapter, and anything else related to the storm.
Another hurricane may be approaching the Louisiana coast in a few days. The Colleges in New Orleans are taking no chances this time around. Our HQ staff also is following all the developments. Lets hope this time it turns out to be 'just a drill.' However I am sure I speak with the voice of all SigEps when I say we'll be their to offer assistance if it is needed.
I have been notified of the following:

What: Hurricane Evacuation in effect at Loyola University and Tulane University.
When: Classes are canceled beginning Friday, Aug 29 through Wednesday Sept 3.

Students are required to evacuate New Orleans by Friday evening. Classes are tentatively scheduled to resume Thursday, Sept 4 in the event that the storm does not hit the area.

Chapter Response Plan: Both LA Alpha and LA Gamma are implementing an Evacuation Response plan. I have been in contact with both Jeff Schiffman, Chap Counselor at LA Alpha and Bill Hydrick, Chap Counselor at LA Gamma. Both chapters have contact info for all brothers and will be sending out updates to the chapter and HQ during the evacuation.

Jeff Schiffman of LA Alpha is in contact with Dave Lourie, AVC Pres about storm preparations for the chapter house. I will forward any updates that I receive.

There are no plans to evacuate at LSU at this time. I spoke to John Allen, Chap Counselor at LA Beta, and he said that he will be monitoring the storm's progress as well.

I conveyed to all chapters that we are willing to help in any way possible. I will continue to monitor the storm's status as well as stay in touch with the chapter volunteers through the weekend. Again, I will forward any updates.


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