Thursday, August 28, 2008

Loyola Marymount Sig Eps Sponsor Campus Party

Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts Glow party this Friday
Andi Edgett

As the first week of classes draws to a close, Sigma Phi Epsilon prepares to dazzle students once again this year with their annual Glow Party. Glow, a dance open to all LMU students, will be held in Burns Back Court this Friday, August 29th, from 8:30 pm to midnight.

"Glow has two purposes - it functions as a fundraiser for some of our events [later this year] and it also gives freshman a party in a safe, on-campus environment," said current Sig Ep president Michael Silvestre. "All grades are welcome to attend."

Over 1000 students armed with highlighters and white T-shirts packed Burn's Back Court for last year's black-light party.

"Glow [was] cool as an introductory dance as a freshman because you got to see people you've met outside of a classroom setting. It's pretty tame but worth it," recalled sophomore Brandon Ikeda.

Sophomore Diego Ludergnani agreed but offered a word of caution. "My only worry is that it's a little too early in the year for freshman since they might not know enough people yet to enjoy it right."

Presale tickets can be bought during Thursday's Convo Hour at Club Fest.
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