Saturday, August 09, 2008

CLA Changes Raise the Bar and the COST

CLA Changes Become Winter Challenge in Many Ways

The National Leadership Committee has announced changes in the number, location and officers paid for for the Carlson Leadership Acadimies 2009 as can be seen in the article quoted from the most recent Officers' Monthly.
SigEp adds lasting value to the college experience because our programs set high expectations.

The National Leadership Committee (NLC) is setting the bar even higher by providing additional funds to train more officers to produce a better chapter experience for all undergraduate members through shared best practices and improved chapter operations.

In order to train more executive board officers at the 2009 Carlson Leadership Academies (CLA), the NLC has increased the CLA fee in the fall bill from $350 to $500. It is the goal of the NLC to provide funding for all seven executive board officers by the year 2011. This is the first step in making that goal a reality.

The Carlson Leadership Academy schedule for 2009:
1/30 – 2/1: White Plains, NY
2/6 – 2/8: Chicago, IL & Los Angeles, CA
2/20 – 2/22: Atlanta, GA
2/27 – 3/1: Dallas, TX

First thought is: Great we have all of our officers paid for. Then the realization is that we now have a $500 bill for CLA on the Fall Bill. But it says "provide additional funds" - those are your funds.

Next look where they are being held. How far is that for you considering that you have Friday classes which you must attend. For many chapters this will be more than a nine hour journey in a packed car for an eight hour program beginning Friday night. It is also February, which in the North usually means SNOW!

Do you always send all of your officers? Some chapters do and many do not. Can you afford to send them all? Will this new cost be affordable for your chapter?

We are to be pushing to get volunteers? How many volunteers will leave work on Friday and drive this distance? The chapter still pays whether they are there or not.

Is the cost of CLA more than your rush or social budget?

Is this progress? Who is THE AUDIENCE?

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