Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chapter Bible Study

This blog post cropped up on the search radar today. It sounds like there is interest in the spiritual side of things at one campus at least.
At the end of last school year, I had two students approach me about starting a bible study at Sig Ep. Apparently they have had some students asking questions and wanting to know more about God, and felt it was time to do something about it. We are gearing up to launch this group in a few weeks and start bringing the light of Christ into their lives.

But that isn't the end of it. That was only the beginning. One of our leaders is involved in the new fraternity on campus - Phi Delta Theta - and so we've had some great inroads there. I was able to give them some furniture for their house that I was just going to put out on the curb for someone to take. We're also holding our annual start of the year cook-out there...and going to move our regular group gatherings to their house, too.

But that STILL isn't the end of it. I was talking to Justin last night about if Sig Ep ever has people come in to talk to the guys about practical stuff...like building character, managing finances, etc - and he said they do. Once rush is over, their program director is going to get a hold of me and we're going to set up some times that I can go in there and do some sessions with the guys, challenging them in building character, helping them manage their finances or anything else they would like me to do.
Based on the information on the web site I presume he is referring to the chapter at Monmouth college. They seem to have the elements of a good 'balanced' program.


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