Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lambda Chi Alpha "Voices" - Calling It Quits

Reading this article in the Lambda Chi blog I realized that SigEp is not unique among fraternities. All of us seem to have issues around getting and keeping good volunteers. Some of the chapters just don't "get it" and think the rules really are for everyone else. And especially, HQ seems to have an agenda all its own that makes no sense to those who toil in the trenches.

Earlier this year, the chapter which I served as High Pi was involved in an incident that almost brought great discredit to the Fraternity. It wasn’t exactly a chapter event, said the undergrads and young alumni involved, since it was at the house rented by several actives, alumni, and at least one non-Lambda Chi. It was the type of event I feared. “If it looks like a chapter event to the outside world,” I had been telling the guys, “then it needs to be treated like one.”

In a nutshell, the event resulted in suspension of the chapter (suspended sentence) by the university and probation by the General Fraternity and an Alumni Control Board.  That was too light a penalty in my eyes.
But right now, I have to step aside from my interaction with Lambda Chi Alpha until there are some changes–and yes, an apology or two–in and from our Headquarters staff. I am unable to support the individuals there, even though I support my–our–Fraternity.

The full article is much longer and is worth the effort to jump over and read.

No gloating here. I confess to having had such thoughts myself. We have seen similar things - and worse - happen within SigEp. I am much more impressed by how alike we all are. Somehow, I hope that by taking a few moments to reflect on what we claim to aspire to we can manage to transcend all the stupid choices and selfish motives that get in the way of our best efforts.

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