Thursday, July 03, 2008

Florida Fraternity gets 4–year suspension for hazing

Pi Kappa Phi at Florida was accused of physical hazing rituals involving hours of physical activity and consumption of large quantities of alcohol. They did not dispute the charges, and lost their on-campus house, cannot recruit new members, and cannot participate in philanthropies.
UF senior Lyle Long was president of the fraternity when the incidents took place.

Long said though he was never present at any of the rituals, he knew that they potentially could be happening. He said he was working to change that, but some members resisted his efforts.

Long said his biggest mistake as president was viewing the university as an enemy rather than as a tool to stop hazing.

He said he plans to speak about his house’s experience to other fraternities in the fall.

“I’m thankful the university intervened. I’m disappointed we’ve been kicked off, but this could have been potentially worse,” he said.
One of the comments to the article was from a SigEp who is now in med school. (It doesn't look like he is a fan of the action)
GregDgator wrote on Jul 1, 2008 10:20 PM:
" Listen, there's always going to be a battle between fraternity guys and the guys that didn't join. For those of you that didn't join, you have no room to talk. I graduated UF about 4 yrs. ago and now finishing my last semester of med school this fall. I was a brother at Sig Ep and had best friends in Pi Kapp. I can honestly look back and say those were the best memories I have had of college. No regrets; getting hazed was the best. One will never have that kind of experience again. Everyone has a choice to depledge.... if they hated it so much, they should have left like a man and know like a sucker that ratted out their a fraternity they were part of.

Sorry to hear Pi Kapp, and its unfortunate that the greek system has kind of faded within the last few years.

So to you countrygator and gatorader..... shut the fuk up and know your role..... you have idea what you are talking about. "
The Independent Florida Alligator: News - Fraternity gets 4–year suspension for hazing
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