Saturday, June 14, 2008

Recruiting to Win - 50 Steps to Successful Recruitment

We found this recent post in a forum about, oddly enough, recruiting. Most of the posts are looking at the corporate variety, but this fraternity (SigEp) related one slipped in somehow. It has good stuff. Here are the first 3 points:

1. RECRUITMENT STANDARDS. Set high standards for joining. Keep standards articulate and quantifiable. Strong chapters recruit men smarter than the "average" student. Set your GPA standard higher than the all-student GPA for upper classmen and above the average incoming student GPA, SAT, and/or ACT for freshmen. SigEp is not an "average" fraternity experience, and is intended for outstanding men. Increase standards over time to ensure the chapter’s strength is improved. Be sure all brothers know chapter recruitment standards.

2. ASK QUESTIONS FIRST. Get to know a potential member by asking questions about him before talking about SigEp. Find out about his attitude. Is he committed to getting the most out of college? Does he value academics? Athletics? Fitness? Diversity? The more you find out about him, the better you can talk about SigEp in a way relative to what he finds valuable.

3. BE ARTICULATE. Make sure all brothers know HOW to talk accurately about the SigEp experience. Does everyone in your chapter know how to discuss Sound Mind, Sound Body? SigEp’s cardinal principles? The activities your chapter has accomplished or is planning that men may find attractive? Don’t allow SigEp to be just like everyone else. The things your chapter VALUES and DOES sets you apart from competitors. Talk about what makes you different, a cut above.

...And there are 47 more. This may be straight out of the HQ playbook, but it is worth reading and using.

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