Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Across the Pond: Livin' la VDBL*

Mark, A 20 year-old SigEp from Drake, is living in Geneva for the summer and keeping track of it on his blog. SigEp features in the title of this post and a bit more in the body of it.
"I told them my life story and they were a little shocked to hear that I was only 20. Raffy was 27 and Mirko was 31. They began lamenting about how old they were and what not. To make them feel worse, I told them about how I'm going to be only a junior in college at Drake next year and I of course mentioned--now the reason for my clever title--SigEp.

I tried in vain, as I do with most people even in America, to explain what a fraternity is, why I'm involved, all of the benefits and what not."
Across the Pond: Livin' la VDBL*:
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