Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thirsty Thursdays: Are They A Problem for Your Campus?

Campus Commentary Worth Knowing

In the Spring, 2008 newsletter FRMT News published by HRH/Kirklin & Co., LLC Bobbi Larsen, educational consultant for the group writes about a new college fad which is seen on most campuses. defines Thirsty Thursdays as, ”An early start to the weekend for many college students who go out and get sloppy on Thursday night.” This attitude in which students feel free to binge drink and, in effect, extend their weekends, has long been considered a problem by those concerned about alcohol consumption among college students. A recent study led by Dr. Philip K. Wood, a psychology professor at the University of Missouri, confi rms that belief. The study followed 3,341 students over the course of 8 semesters, and looked at their drinking patterns and class schedules. The study showed that students with no classes on Friday mornings or classes that began after 12:00 noon on Friday drank almost twice as much on Thursday nights as those with classes on Friday morning.

The entire article can be found at

It is well worth checking out.
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