Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sex Cigs and Caf: Onward and Upward

A SigEp from Drexel blogs about how he changed his life.
My name is Saitken, and obviously the picture at the top of this post is me. I attend Drexel University as an Information Systems major. I'm a full member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

I am also a man with a mission.
When I came to Drexel and joined SigEp, I felt somewhat accepted, but still felt alone. I had my brothers, but was often overshadowed and awkward. However, with time and the encouragement of my brothers I realized something-My problem wasn't that people kept me down. I was the only person doing that. On December 16 2007 I decided to change my life.

I made some drastic improvements. I cut out fried foods, started eating less food, substituting whole grains and other healthier choices, and went to Drexel's gym every day. But that, i realized was only one part of the issue.[...] I started to read books on leadership, relationships and health. I put myself out there in terms of talking to people and getting my ideas out there.

Its May 19th now and Ive felt better than I ever have in my life. I've dropped to 200 pounds, gained some muscle, established successful relationships and started to take the lead on Fraternity projects.
Sounds like a person on the road to becoming a "Balanced Man" to me.

Congratulations on your progress, and keep us informed.

Sex Cigs and Caf: Onward and Upward
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