Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Busted! - 96 arrested at San Diego State

San Diego State drug bust. Nearly one hundred arrested - seventy five are students. Fraternities are involved. No mention of SigEp... yet.
One student sent a mass text message offering a "sale" on cocaine, the DEA said in a news release.
The news release alleges a member of the Theta Chi fraternity sent a mass text message to his "faithful customers" saying he and some others temporarily would be unable to complete orders for drug sales due to a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The text message went on to discuss a "sale" on cocaine and gave details on reduced prices, the news release said.

One student allegedly dealing cocaine was a month short of obtaining a master's degree in Homeland Security and worked with campus police as a student community service officer.
I guess he thought he knew enough not to get caught. Oops.

Drug bust nets 96 at San Diego State - CNN.com

UPDATE More news:
75 students arrested in San Diego State University drug bust - Yahoo! News
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