Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sig Ep Top Duck at UNH

Sorority Kappa Delta Annual Greek God Contest
Meg Power

Coach Bombay, from the '90s film "The Mighty Ducks," was well honored last Thursday night. This year's annual Kappa Delta Greek God Contest used the classic hockey movie as this year's Greek God theme, and Dave Arrigg of Sigma Phi Epsilon was crowned "top duck," or this year's Greek God. The sisters of Kappa Delta sponsored the event while other sorority sisters acted as the judges.

The 19th annual contest began with "Toga! Toga!" calls ten minutes before the event began. While some technical problems slowed down the proceedings, the houses supplied the energy. Each fraternity yelled in support of their contestant when a brother was announced.

One of the highlights was the talent portion of the competition. The brothers were willing to strut their stuff - and throw pride to the wind - to win over the sorority judges.

Sigma Beta brother Rob Radford started it out with his interpretation of Aladdin's "Whole New World." Phi Mu Delta's Phil Lord showed off his mathematical skills as the human calculator and Trevor Beaudry of Alpha Gamma Rho did a little standup. Matty Paster of Sigma Nu had the girls screaming with his dance that began with him clothed and ended with him in a Speedo. Adam Yusuf of Lambda Chi Alpha serenaded a girl close to his heart while Kyle Fisher of Tau Kappa Epsilon made balloon animals. Dave Arrigg danced in a chicken suit to a mix that ranged from "Cotton-Eyed Joe" to *NSYNC. Pi Kappa Alpha's Tom Goodwin played acoustic guitar.

The beachwear portion of the night led to a copious amount of whistles and squeals. The girls in the audience enjoyed it, too.

The night was not just about laughs. Kappa Delta hosted the event to benefit Prevent Child Abuse America. The finalists - Goodwin, Paster and Arrigg - were asked questions related to preventing child abuse and education. The judges picked Arrigg as the '08 Greek God. Arrigg looked shocked to win but, when the initial shock wore off, was happy to have the crown.

"I was hoping I was going to win from the beginning, but there were some other great talents, including Sigma Nu's dance," he said. "It was great to win, but an awesome experience at the same time."

He cited riling up the crowd with his talent and ripping his shirt off for beachwear among his favorite moments.

Arrigg's beachwear moment was a universal favorite. When he struck a pose, one audience member exclaimed, "He's ripped!"

The sororities on campus also came out to support Kappa Delta.

Sophomore Kate Kalil of Alpha Phi said, "All the houses go to each others' events. It's nice to be able to come out here and support a good cause."

On Thursday night, Kappa Delta raised $2,575 for Prevent Child Abuse America. Founded by a former sister, Prevent Child Abuse America seeks to educate and prevent abuse. Kendra DeLaCadena, a Kappa Delta sister and the evening's master of ceremonies, said the competition benefited the national cause as well as a more local one.

"Eighty percent of our money raised goes to the local communities, so that is going to be helping children in Durham and surrounding communities within New Hampshire," said DeLaCadena.
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