Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Some random items from all over the place.
  • The SigEp group on LinkedIn now has nearly 330 members. SigEps are seeing the group logo on connections and signing up themselves. If you are "LinkedIn" and want to make more SigEp connections then sign up here.

  • SigEps at Washington State have started honoring brothers who stand out with a "SigEp of the Week" post on their chapter blog. they also post their newsletter and minutes of chapter meetings. Brave souls, indeed!

  • It is occasionally a bit scary when you see what other people write about the Fraternity.
    Okay so Sigma Phi Epsilon are pretty much the dorky fraternity, but they are nice guys. Tonight was they first time I hung anywhere near them but I was pleasantly surprised. Nathan Smith is in that fraternity and I've known him for a very long time. I may just got to their cookout on Friday. I'm not sure yet, though.
    Dorky, but nice, eh? Ouch.

  • On the other hand, what if you have a great time? ...and someone brings a camera?

  • To close on a more somber note, here is a post about Florida SigEps having a memorial service for Jon Cote, a brother who has been missing in Iraq for over a year. There is also a support site for Jon at home.freecote.com.
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