Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TX Gamma Cleans Up

Bill Patton sends this report from Texas Gamma(TCU)
On Tuesday evening, April 29th, the University Leadership Awards Ceremony took place in the Student Center Ballroom. I am pleased to inform each of you that Texas Gamma took home the vast majority of these awards, including 5 out of 6 Order of Omega Awards. Here are some of the awards taken home by our members.

Order of Omega Greek Freshman of the Year: Jake Rehtmeyer `11 (2007 BMS Winner)

Order of Omega Greek Junior of the Year: Jason Hartman '09 (2005 BMS Runner-Up)

Order of Omega Greek Senior of the Year: Jace Thompson '08 (2004 BMS Winner, Student Body VP 2006, Student Body President 2007, National Board of Directors)

Order of Omega Greek Scholar of the Year: John Wood '08 (was Order of Omega Greek Freshman of the Year in '05, Sophomore in '06, and Junior in '07…also was Order of Omega Greek Scholar in 2007)

Order of Omega Greek Service Award: Eric Boudreau `08

Clark Society Scholar Award (One of Two $2,500 dollar Scholarships) :
Thomas Pressly '09 (Was Order of Omega Greek Sophomore of the Year in 2007 and is currently Student Body President)

Pillar of Leadership: Brett Major '10 (2008 Student Body Vice President)

Alan Bedford Award (Outstanding Sophomore Leadership Award): Brett Major `10

Senior Legacy Award: Jace Thompson `08, John Wood `08

AED Pre Health Honor Society Scholarships: Eric Boudreau `08, Bennett Waxse `08

These awards are a great example of just how valuable our Balanced Man Scholarship can be.
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