Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poll: Many college students majoring in stress

Feeling stressed out? You are not alone. A recent poll shows 4 in 10 students feel, stress often.
Majorities cite classic stress symptoms including trouble concentrating, sleeping and finding motivation. Most say they have also been agitated, worried, too tired to work.

"Everything is being piled on at once," said Chris Curran, a junior at the Albany College of Pharmacy in Albany, N.Y. He said he has learned to cope better since starting school. "You just get really agitated and anxious. Then you start procrastinating, and it all piles up."

Many cite eating problems and say they have felt lonely, depressed, like they are failures. Substantial numbers are even concerned about spring break, chiefly not having enough money or being in good physical shape.

More than a quarter of the students sometimes think they should cut down on drinking or going out. A third say they sometimes want to use drugs or alcohol to relax. About 15 percent say they're at least somewhat concerned about drinking too much on spring break.
(My concern was usually whether I could drink enough on spring break.)

Seriously, stress and depression are treatable. Schools have counseling services available - even if that is not a high priority choice.
The poll shows a spotty sense among students of how to find assistance handling pressure. Just over half say they are sure whom they would turn to for help. Only one in seven say they were very familiar with the counseling offered at their schools.

Overall, 26 percent of students say they have considered talking to a counselor or getting other professional help. Just 15 percent say they have actually done so.

"The profession needs to do more to make us more approachable," said Christine Moll, a professor in counseling and former director of counseling services at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y.

Professional help, though, is not atop students' lists when they need help. Three-quarters say they would be most likely to turn to friends, nearly two-thirds cite their parents and half say they would talk to siblings. Only one in five say they would seek out school counselors.
Poll: Many college students majoring in stress (w/video) | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle
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