Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paper: Skit featured student playing Obama in blackface

CNN reports that a student at North Dakota State U. appeared in blackface as Barack Obama during a sorority(Alpha Gamma Delta) sponsored "Mr. NDSU" skit presentation. Horrors! Call the PC police! (Does it matter that NDSU is 92% white so that might be the only way to have a portrayal of "a man of color"?)
North Dakota State University is investigating complaints about a campus skit in which a white student in blackface portrayed Barack Obama receiving a lap dance.

The same skit, part of a charity fundraiser held at a campus theater, also featured a depiction of cowboys having sex with each other, witnesses told The Forum newspaper, which first reported the backlash Friday.

"We're trying to find out the right approaches for accountability, but at the same time try to heal wounds that have occurred and allow the campus to move ahead," Janna Stoskopf, NDSU's dean of students, told The Associated Press on Friday.
In fact, the description of the skit makes it sound offensive on a number of levels. But one wonders what, precisely, is the reason it rises to the level of national attention?

Paper: Skit featured student playing Obama in blackface -

Further: A link to the original student newspaper article. CNN did not see fit to include that link in their story.
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