Monday, March 24, 2008

Kappa Sigs Use "Ask Her" for Recruitment

More than 1,500 'ASK HER' signs were part of a fraternity campaign
An unusual informal recruitment tactic proves to be successful for the men of Kappa Sigma fraternity.
Megan Vigus
The Daily Evergreen

Two simple words were typed on more than 1,500 pieces of paper and posted all around campus last week: “ASK HER” left students wondering, ask who about what?

The true answer was not released until Friday when approximately 100 female students wore shirts that said “ASK ME.” Students who asked were given fliers with information about recruitment for the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

The fraternity received the idea from their nationals, said Jackson Brooks, a sophomore in Kappa Sigma. The fliers were printed off by members during spring break and every day last week more and more were posted.

“It was very successful and it even got to the point where there was a Facebook group,” Brooks said. “On Thursday morning there were 20 members and by Friday there were over 200.” The fraternity held a meeting Friday evening in Todd Hall to inform potential recruits about their chapter, with a barbecue following Saturday.

About 20 students turned out for the meeting on Friday, which was “less than expected, but we wanted to do something different,” said Brian Floyd, a senior in the house. “People might have been scared because they were unsure about what it was.” Kappa Sigma found about 100 women to wear the “ASK ME” shirts on Friday, but they were kept in the dark just like everyone else until Thursday night when they were presented with the shirts. Brooks said they tried to get girls who had spent a lot of time at their house, who have gotten to know the guys and can say good things.

Lauren Powers, a junior in Alpha Phi sorority, knew she would be helping the fraternity in some way, but had no idea that the “ASK HER” campaign and her efforts would be one in the same.
Powers said all she knew was she would be helping the house in a fun, positive way without negatively affecting the other fraternities.

“It was a really positive way to get their name out there,” she said. “They can get a lot of really great guys.” The shift from formal and informal recruitment to solely informal recruitment for the fraternities has forced the chapters to be more creative in ways to promote their houses and put more effort into individually seeking out members.

“(Informal recruitment) makes houses be more proactive and decide on the guys we want instead of depending on formal,” Brooks said. “In the long run, it will better the Greek community.” Floyd said they want to find members that don’t fit a mold.

“We’re working towards finding high-quality guys that are committed to service and brotherhood,” he said. “Hopefully it will help turn around the Greek community in the future.” Members of Kappa Sigma said they will now be cleaning up the fliers.
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