Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's official - I'm old

I was searching around looking for SigEp tidbits on the web and saw this in some girl's blog. A new recipe and a new game, and I am not sure which one sounds more disgusting.
Fabulous Friday: Went to a Sig Ep party, drank 'piss' which is beer, 100 proof grain alcohol and lemonade. i drank wayyyyy too much and then i proceeded to play 'slap the bag' which was a realllly bad decision. Then i went to another party in hill andi was like dying on the couch. .... i was back in my room by 12 30. a true champ.
This is not an "ain't it awful" post because I am certain that "back in the day" we did stuff that was just as unfathomable to the old guys. But something about that specific combination of drinks and games made me say "That's just wrong".

I even had to look up "Slap the Bag" to be sure it was a game played with all your clothes on. Well, at the beginning anyway. You can't be held responsible for anything that happens after the fourth round.

hey girl heyy: Four days until Florida.
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