Monday, March 10, 2008

Interview with Josh Filipowski

Looks like Steve Hofstetter may have some competition as "SigEp Comic Laureate." Josh Filipowski is interviewed on

What started you on comedy?
Middle school substitutes. Let's just say I was somewhat of a class clown. When the teacher was out, I was on.

How did you become part of the Humorology show?
The Greek system at UW-Madison had this annual philanthropy event. Once I found out what philanthropy meant and my fraternity found out I was in my high school's musicals, this SigEp pledge was in -- there was really no choice in the matter. Plus, we were paired with the ladies of Delta Gamma and I was looking forward to meeting a few of them. After a few cast parties I was hooked.

What sort of comedy was involved?
Song parodies, improved innuendo one-liners, big smiles and jazz hands! It's a twenty minute musical comedy written by the cast, choreographed by the ladies and laughed at by the campus at the Memorial Union Theater to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation & the Dean of Students Crisis Fund. There is something inherently funny about watching the attempted dance moves of frat boys... Well I should say fraternity men -- and we nailed those moves!
I think many, if not most, schools have similar events. At Tennessee it is "Carnicus" and the same fun silliness is played out every spring. We never had anyone hit the big time like Josh did, though.

Interview with Josh Filipowski
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