Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Setting up a new foundation for brotherhood

Brothers from IL Beta (Illinios Tech) lend their support to WI Zeta (Marquette)
Ten men from the local chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Illinois Beta, braved the snow and traffic on a long cold drive to Marquette University to assist the fledgling fifteen man chapter Wisconsin Zeta in their effort to build a new, thriving chapter on a campus with little support for Greek life.

Established just last year with four founding members, the brothers of Wisconsin Zeta have struggled to build numbers and promote the ideals of scholarship, athleticism, and brotherhood on a campus where fraternities account for less than 3% of the Marquette student body, and excessive alcoholism and parties dominate the fraternity image.
The Illinois Beta brothers expect a continued relationship with the Wisconsin Zeta brothers, and ultimately, while they traveled to Marquette with what seemed like a greater mission, when asked about how they did it, Wylie simply shrugged and said, “We really just went up there and made friends.”
...and isn't that what it is ultimately about, anyway?

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