Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dallas Carlson Leadership academy (CLA)

The CLA in Dallas was well attended and by all accounts a success. We were fortunate to have both the current Grand President Steve Shanklin(OGH) and former GP Gary Griffith(OGH) in attendance. In addition to the expected "podium chores" they also were active leaders in the Chapter Officer training sessions.

The only hitch was that several of the expected faculty had to drop out at the last minute due to illness or transportation issues. Fortunately the folks who were there have done this a time or two and were able to ensure all sessions were covered. Bro. Lamar Roach(OGH) came with his Lamar University chapter. (He said he got a "weekend pass" from his children.) He and I went to the SEC/Sigma session during the Ritual and gave an impromptu personal discourse on the meaning and persistance of the ideals in the Ritual. (The lads may be warped for life now.)

Chapter and individual awards were given out over the weekend. Many Chapters showed impressive gains in manpower, grades, housing, alumni support, and other areas. Two Chapters stood out, however. St. Mary's SEC (shown below) and the recently rechartered Oklahoma Alpha (OK State University) both seemed to wear a path to the podium, each picking up several awards noting the hard work of the chapters and the support of alumni in their area.

CLA Dallas 2008_3 054
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The Education Foundation, which sponsors the CLA, held a reception for Dallas area alumni on Saturday evening which was well attended. Many of the alums stayed for the ritual presentation and the dinner afterwards. I thought it was a subtle but effective way to encourage those who may not have been active to become more involved.

I was asked by HQ to take photographs of the event for use in future marketing efforts. Here is a link to a few representative samples. If your chapter was there and you remember a camera in your face drop us a line. We'll be glad to send pictures for your web site, scrapbook or newsletter. Please: Dallas CLA only. The rest of you are on your own.
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