Wednesday, January 09, 2008

'Shadow' program gives students a boost

Zane Crockett (right), a junior at Pencader Charter Business and Finance High School, gets some tips from UD student Matt Riscinti before Riscinti's chemistry class.

Someone has to be the first, and Zane Crockett was more than happy to be that person -- even if it meant he had to follow somebody else.

Crockett, 16, a junior at Pencader Charter Business and Finance High School in New Castle, was the first to go on a new shadowing program at the school. It gives college-bound juniors a chance to shadow a University of Delaware student in the classroom and around the Newark campus to get a taste of what might lie ahead after high school.
Crockett was only too happy to be the first to go to the UD campus earlier this month. He wants to be a premedical student, and he is looking at UD as a place to start. He tagged along with UD student Matt Riscinti, 19, who also has the medical profession in mind. Together, they sat through a chemistry class and grabbed a bite to eat afterward so they could talk about college life.
Riscinti, who hails from River Vale, N.J., not far from New York City, might have been as excited as Crockett to be the first in the program. His fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, volunteered to match fraternity brothers with the Pencader Charter students who most closely match their career aspirations.
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