Saturday, January 19, 2008

Leadership at the Top

A short interview with an east coast fraternity president surfaces both positive and negative emotions – of which many Greek presidents across the country can relate to.

1) What has been your biggest frustration in leading your fraternity?
The most frustrating aspect of leading my fraternity is the overwhelming lack of responsibility, lethargy and lack of interest in seeing the fraternity grow. The student body at one point looked at the Greek community as the group of student leaders in the university’s student body. Now? Well, it’s a little different unfortunately. I am trying to slowly change that in my fraternity.

2) What has been the most fulfilling aspect of leading your fraternity?
The most fulfilling aspect of leading my fraternity has been the sense of organization and people skills I have picked up from it. I have learned to deal with all types of people in all stages of their lives to be able to get tasks done. I think that it has shown me a lot about people in general as well as shown me that although I am an engineer… I am much more designed for management to interact with people.

3) What can the active members do to make your job more fulfilling?
The active members could be more ambitious. Their lack of interest in important things (other than drinking)… is frustrating. It is also frustrating to hear people say that the president position doesn’t do anything either – that it’s just something to put on the resume. Yet it’s the position that gets put onto the line if something goes wrong in the house and police get involved. And it is the position that in essence makes sure the chapter operates well - gets things done, etc.
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