Monday, January 28, 2008

Dry Rush and No Women Hits ASU Rush Week

No women, alcohol during ASU fraternity rush week
Frat also withdraws plan to limit creation of new chapters at ASU

by Andre Radzischewski

Alcohol and women - two ingredients sometimes associated with Greek life - won't be part of rush, when ASU's fraternities invite students to get to know them this week.

The six-member executive board of the Interfraternity Council approved rules on Dec. 6 that will ban girls and alcohol from all rush events, IFC President Davey Breitman said.

The IFC is the governing body of the University's 20 social chapters. Its rush week began Friday and runs through Thursday."We want to focus on brotherhood, friendship and academics," Breitman said. "When you bring things like alcohol and girls into the equation, you don't attract the crowd that we're looking for."

Breitman said because potential recruits are welcome at the chapters' houses throughout rush week, the alcohol ban extends to all fraternity-sponsored events through the end of January.

"Basically, you can't have a recruitment event Thursday and then throw a party Friday," Breitman said.

Kappa Alpha President Keith Katz said his fraternity, which tries to attract "Southern gentlemen," supports the rules."The deciding factor shouldn't be who brings the most booze or who has the most girls at rush events," Katz said.

Breitman added that, by banning alcohol and girls from rush event, the IFC sought to attract "high-character people," not mend the at-times tense atmosphere with the University's administration.

"This IFC executive board intends to work hand-in-hand with the administration to make sure that their expectations of Greek life are met," Breitman said.

Katz said the prime area of contentions in the past have been over housing issues, when some fraternities felt like they were being pushed off-campus.

"It would be nice if there was a more supportive attitude from the University administration," Katz said.

Meanwhile, the Sigma Pi house announced it will withdraw a proposal to change IFC's bylaws, which would have changed the rules for fraternity expansion.

Breitman said the legislation's goal was to add members to the chapters already at ASU before new chapters could come to the University.

He compared the approach to expansion to major league baseball, where existing teams have to establish themselves before new ones are added.The IFC's 20 chapters average about 70 members each, Breitman said, while ASU's 11 sororities average more than 125 members per chapter.

Sigma Pi President Kyle Koelbel said he decided to withdraw the proposal at the next IFC meeting because of a conversation with Pete Smithhisler, the executive vice president of the North-American Interfraternity Council, an umbrella organization for 71 fraternities in the United States and Canada."[The policy] did not agree with NIC's mission and purpose," Koelbel said.
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