Sunday, December 16, 2007

What do Greeks Need?

Greek Movement has released a national survey with interesting results. What's the number one "Greek Need"? "Discovering my Skills and Talents"; number two: "Graduate and Get a Good Job"; number six: "Get Enough Sleep." Sound familiar? I thought so. The various needs are compared to the ubiquitous "Mazlow's Needs Hierarchy" to find insights about the way students are getting their needs met.


Number six on the Top 10 needs list is “not getting enough sleep.” This is rather surprising because sleep would fall under the lowest level, yet it appears to be a very crucial need to these students. According to Maslow, this lack of sleep that the students are experiencing might indicate a huge problem for Greeks as they try to progress in other areas. Perhaps it is the pursuit of the very top level that is causing them to fall behind on one of their most basic needs of all.

Number two on the Top 10 needs list is “being able to graduate and/or get a good job.” This need would fall under the second level, still very low on the pyramid like the need for sleep. From my own experience, this need for security or future security really affects a student’s decision and growth in college. I have seen many fraternity and sorority students leave the Greek system or become very inactive in their chapters because they want to succeed academically so that they can get a good job in the future. Or perhaps they have to leave the chapter to work more so that they can be more financially secure. This is one example of having to temporarily remove yourself from one of the higher levels to take care of a lower need first.

Tyler Zach, staff writer for Greek Movement, developed and conducted the survey. He is a SigEp, too.

"Greek Movement" is sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, but the opinions and advice you find there are very focused on the real world and not at all 'preachy.' It's a good site. We have have a link to it for quite some time now.

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