Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome 2008. Want to make something of it?

Here we are at the cusp of another year. Like most years there was good and bad in SigEp land this year. However, I have watched "year in review" shows on TV until my eyes glazed over and am too tired (read: lazy) to go back and dredge up all the successes and failures we have seen this year.

Well, maybe one of each:
  • Good - Megabux raised for the Education Foundation over lunch at Conclave.
  • Bad - The chapter at Northern Illinois gets suspended.

  • But this post is really for you readers to talk back to us, though. We would like to get some reviews and resolutions from you. Let us know what YOU think.

    Leave a comment about:
  • What did you like, or not like, this past year about SigEp in general or your chapter in particular.
  • What should HQ focus on in the coming year to make SigEp even better?
  • What do you like/hate about S&P?
  • How can WE be more effective?
  • What are YOU planning to do next year to make yourself, and SigEp even better?
  • ...or of course, anything else on your mind.

  • Don't be shy. Step up and fire away.

    Oh, yeah. And have a Great year in 2008!!!
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