Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stevie Wonder With a Sax?

We received notice of this story from the author, Steve Dorsey
Hey, I wrote this article for about a Chapter brother who is playing his saxophone at charity concerts to raise money for Africa. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me include Sigma Phi Epsilon in it, just that he is in a fraternity. But I think it offers a lot of inspiration, because of the good things he's doing.
Paul Ruffner: Teacher, student, musician, humanitarian, SigEp. That would be more than enough to qualify him as a "Balanced Man", then we find out the rest of the story...
Ruffner has been playing charity concerts with his saxophone since September to raise awareness and money for large swaths of West Africa that were devastated by massive flooding in late summer 2007. But Ruffner has been fighting a problem that he can't even see.

He is blind -- and has been blind since birth.

"Being someone who needs and uses services, I think it is important to give back," he said. "If everyone neglects answering the call to service, then that effort is drastically scaled back."

Ruffner said he got involved in the relief effort over the summer while teaching at a language immersion camp for children. Ruffner was teaching Spanish, and his French-speaking colleagues, many of whom have families in the devastated African region, asked him to play at these charity concerts.
"He's never let his blindness get in the way of anything he's wanted to do," Kevin Carter, Ruffner's fraternity brother, said. "I think Paul relishes these challenges, whereas others would struggle with such adversity."

Ruffner has a 3.88 GPA, is fluent in Spanish, and majors in international politics and Latin American studies. He is from Prescott, Ariz.
Thanks, Steve. That is an incredible story. Paul sounds like the kind of man that makes you proud to know him, let alone being his fraternity brother.

ABC News: Stevie Wonder With a Sax?
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