Friday, December 21, 2007

A Season To Volunteer

A Reminder that It Is Always a Good Time to Volunteer

Years ago, while an undergraduate, it was the tradition of the chapter each year to throw a big Christmas Party for children from one of the local agencies. We all felt it was the season to be giving.

One year a young boy stopped me as he came into the house and asked if Santa would be visiting. I said that we hoped that he would have time to stop by. The little one replied - "Well he made it to the other six parties we have been to." That stopped me short and made me think - "Why is it only at Christmas that we think about others who are in need?"

I saw this list recently and thought it was worth passing along and hopefully make you think and what you give to your community:

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer:
1. Make a difference
2. Learn new skills
3. Meet new people
4. Help build a stronger community
5. Make a direct impact on someone's life
6. Explore new challenges
7. Gain experience
8. Have fun
9. Make someone's day
10. Lend support to a worthy cause

We all have a responsibility to improve the communities in which we live, whether it be our university community, our church community, the area in which we reside, or even our community the earth.

Now more that ever - volunteer!
Have great holiday!
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