Tuesday, December 11, 2007

San Diego State SigEps tops in GPA

The SigEp chapter at San Diego State had the top GPA on Campus this year.
Academically, the chapters with the highest grade point averages were Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Pi Sigma and Kappa Alpha Psi.

Psychology junior D.J. Sheehan of Sigma Phi Epsilon said it was a great accomplishment for their house and showed what it house stands for.

"We adhere to the codes of conduct of our house and every year we raise the standard for ourselves and everyone else on campus," Sheehan said.

Individuals in the Greek community were honored for their cumulative GPA. Jonathan Tucker of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lauren Stevenson of Gamma Phi Beta, Deneice Chideme of Sigma Lambda Gamma and LaKeisha Nacoste of Zeta Phi Beta held the highest grades this semester.
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